With in-depth experience in business, product design and development, education and the arts, Fawcett Associates represents a unique combintation of skills to help your company achieve bottom line results.

Technology Implementation

From Fortune 500 companies to small family owned businesses, we have experience implementing and developing modern technologies to improve efficiency.

Business Process Development

Often new tools demand new processes and procedures in order to realize maximum benefit. We will evaluate your business processes in relation to new tools and technologies and implement solutions which will assure efficiency and return on investment.

Performance Technology

Defined as the systematic alignment of skills, processes and organizational structure to the business objectives of the company, Performance Technology offers companies a holistic approach to improving organizational effectiveness.

End-user Performance Consulting (Education)

Often project execution is hindered by the abilities of the design staff to use the tool of choice effectively. Many times this is not a function of ability but awareness; users are simply not aware of the functionality they have at their disposal. I can help identify areas of improvement across a design team and put in place effective tools for improving capabilities. These tools may be a blend of education plans, computer-based job aid technologies, or side-by-side end user mentoring. In all cases, the approach is tailored to the specific user and to the work he is expected to perform.

Job-Aid Development

Job Aids are simple tools which allow a user to perform his job more easily and remind users of the correct methods for executing infrequent tasks. These are especially important in keeping productivity high and maximizing retention of previously learned concepts or methods. They can also assure s trict adherence to company developed best practices. We can assist your company in developing and deploying desktop-based job-aids which will help keep your personnel working at maximum efficiency.